Reading List

Thanks to my short term memory, I always end up forgetting to read books/essays that I postpone for later. I have decided to update my list here so that I can call upon one of them when the time beckons.

Foundations of Computer Science,  Al Aho and Jeff Ullman

The Cathedral and the Bazaar , Eric S Raymond

The Mythical Man Month: Essays in Software Engineering, Fred Brooks

2 comments on “Reading List

  1. hi! Recently, I find your code about parallel bucket sort and parallel sort to sort suffixes based on human genome. I have some confusion about it. If you can answer
    this, I will appreciate it.

    1. Can you test the performance of the parallel bucket sort and quick sort with others algorithms (e.g. DC3, prefix doubing, quick sort and so on.)
    2. Can you give me a macroscopical image about your implement code. There are some location which I don’t know it exactly. i.e. what is the mean to “prefixCompute” function.

    Hi Dude!! Thank you!!

  2. DC3 is much faster than parallel bucket sort + parallel quick sort on GPU. This is primarily because DC3 is a constant time algorithm, while quick sort is O(n^2 log(n)) in the worst case. But we get a reasonable speed up over serial quick sort, having a 10x speedup. The prefixCompute function is used to calculate the parallel prefix sum on an array. Do check out [1] for more information on the use for prefix sums. Please look at [2] for information on parallel quick sort.


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