InCTF 2011: National Capture the flag Ethical Hacking Contest

Amrita University & TIFAC CORE

proudly present

InCTF ’11: National Level “Capture the Flag” Ethical Hacking contest

InCTF’11 is from February to March 2011 and is focused exclusively on the student community. You can participate from your own university and no travel is required. No prior exposure or experience in cyber security needed to participate.

What you need to do?
1. Form a team (max five members from your college)
2. Approach a faculty/mentor and request him/her to mentor your team

3. Register online at

Whats more? There is no registration fee this year!

Great Rewards

25K The winning team receives a cash prize of Rs. 25000/-
20K The first runner-up team receives a cash prize of Rs. 20000/-
15K The second runners-up team receives a cash prize of Rs. 15000/-

Special Prizes*

  • Teams are awarded cash prizes of up to 10K based on their performance
  • Deserving teams are well awarded. Exciting prizes to be won.

So, what are you waiting for? – It’s simple Register, Learn, Hack!

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*Cash prizes are subject to their performance and participation in the CTF round. Only teams who connect to the VPN server and successfully gain points in the CTF round are eligible for prizes

InCTF – India’s first CTF style Ethical Hacking contest



Amrita University & TIFAC CORE in association with VeriSign proudly present InCTF’10, India’s First National “Capture the Flag” Style Ethical HACKING contest.

InCTF’10 is from February to March 2010 and is focused exclusively on promoting Cyber Security among the student community. You can participate from your own university and no travel is required. No prior exposure or experience in cyber security needed to participate.


  • Familiarity with any programming language.
  • Working knowledge of any GNU/Linux OS is highly desirable but not necessary

Learn essential skills as you participate!!

What you need to do?

(a) Form a team (max five members from your college)
(b) Approach a faculty/mentor and request him/her to mentor your team
(c) Register online at
(d) Send a demand draft for and amount of Rs. 150/- per team to the address mentioned.

Hurry! You can participate as soon as your complete the registration. LAST DATE Feb 28th!
Exciting prizes to be won:
1st Prize Rs. 40000/-
2nd Prize Rs. 30,000/-
3rd Prize Rs. 20,000/-

Special Prizes

(a) Top 30 teams get CASH prize and Certificates of merit
(b) Faculty mentors of top 5 teams get special prizes
(c) College with the winning team will be awarded a “Champion University” award

(d) Winning teams will be considered to participate in an internship program at VeriSign for the next cycle which starts in July 2010
Here is your chance to win bragging rights to be called “India’s No.1 Ethical Hacking Team!!

It’s simple Register, Learn, Hack!

More details visit us online at

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Event Sponsor : Verisign | Media Partner: InfoSecurity | Publicity: Event Poster

My experience @ 2009 2009, the biggest event in India promoting Free and Open Source Software, was held from Dec 1-5 from Bangalore. Though the event was for 5 days, i decided to attend only for 3. The organization of the event was impeccable starting from the registration cards to the set-up of the stalls . What i found different this time @, from other conferences i have attended, is the “Workout” sessions, where diverse people with a common interest in an OSS project get to actually sit down and “hack” a set of goals to be achieved over the next few days ( The talks were going on in parallel in Audi’s 1-3, while the actual hacking was taking place in the first floor where a number of tables, routers, and power strips were set up. Every day had a distinguishing project of the day, where the team organizing it would give a comprehensive overview on the different aspects of the project and how one can contribute.I was actually surprised to see a school kid as a delegate for the contest 🙂 . It’s good to know FOSS has a far reach.

Though the talks were informative, i have always wondered “how much can a person convey in an hour”. One of the better talks were on “Haskell Internal’s” by Ramkumar Ramachandra. One trend i have noticed is that many pure Physics students are a lot into contributing to FOSS, and Ramkumar was one of them, an M.Sc. Physics student.  The talk on Sandboxing in Linux was also pretty informative.  The person in charge of the Debian workout Kartik Mistry also gave us an idea on how to get started contributing to Debian. The main focus of 2009 was development in KDE, Maemo, libyahoo2, Fedora, Debian and Sahana. I also found some innovative projects for Finance management etc. One interesting project was the Fedora Security Spin, which aims at being the first security distro to be released with a proper release and update channel. That is the advantage it has over others like Backtrack, Devl etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in bangalore, though i wish i was able to contribute more to the workout sessions. But now with an idea and vision for the next, i wish to become an active contributor to mainstream open source projects like Debian, Ubuntu and KDE. Seeing many students from their second and third years presenting, i hope an active community within Amrita can be formed, with the mission of atleast 2 people being speakers at the next Check out the photos!

Intel’s Threading Champion 2009


The top priority for most software developers today is to tap into the power of processor cores through parallelism. Until recently parallelism wasn’t essential for many applications. Performance improvements came mostly through increasing clock rates and power consumption. Today dual-core and quad-core processors are the norm from servers to desktops, making parallelism a necessity for all applications.

Take part in Intel’s Threading Championship for 2009, prove your Threading skills.

The competition consists of two rounds:

Round-1 checks your knowledge on Threading Concepts. The quiz has questions with varying levels of difficulty. The more difficult the question, the more points you earn. You may also earn yourself a chance to represent your institution at Round-2. The qualifiers for Round-2 will be decided by a panel of judges based on contestants’ score in Round-1.

Round-2 is a team event, open only to qualifiers of Round-1. The contestants will have to submit a research paper in teams, on any one of the research areas that will be published for Round-2. Each team can have 2-4 members from the same institution and will need to have a faculty mentor to support them on the Research Paper.


  • The Winning team gets a cash prize of Rs.50,000
  • Their institution gets a grant of Rs.2,50,000 to set up a Multi-core Lab
  • First Runner-up team gets a cash prize of Rs.25,000
  • Second Runner-up team gets a cash prize of Rs.15,000

FOSS.IN /2009 announced!!

Team FOSS.IN is happy to announce that, with the help of the community,
we have been able to finalise the dates (and hence the venue) for

FOSS.IN/2009 will be held on December 1-5, 2009 (Tuesday through
Saturday) at Bangalore’s largest and most modern conference venue – the
NIMHANS Convention Centre.

The dates and the choice of venue have interesting backgrounds:

The Dates

Unlike in the past, we decided not to second-guess fate, and let the
community help decide the event
dates, based on other events that would happen around the same time.
Typically this includes university examinations, other notable events, etc.

To do this, we ran a poll on the FOSS.IN site, from February 6th to
March 16th, giving the choice of three sets of dates – December 01-05,
December 08-12 and December 15-19. While voting was slow initially, we
had almost 500 people voting by the end of poll, and on March 16th, the
December 01-05 set of days was officially carved in stone. 🙂

The Venue

Once we had the dates, we began the task of fixing the venue. While we
have held the event at the Indian Institute of Science for many years,
the new format of FOSS.IN (introduced last year) made that venue unsuitable.

After several weeks of checking out venues available on the dates
selected by the community, we finally managed to book the one we had our
eye on all along – Bangalore’s most modern and spacious conference venue
– the NIMHANS Convention Centre. We applied for the chosen dates, and
paid the advance, and have now received the confirmation of booking.

What makes this convention centre so special is not just the halls
(there are three “regular” halls, ranging between 200 and 500 seats), or
the large number of discussion rooms, or the large indoor dining area,
but the one thing that we were looking for the most – GIGANTIC wide open
(but indoor) spaces where we can set up tables, hack centres, expos, and
much more.

And best of all, the venue is available to us every day from 6am to
10pm, there are virtually no restrictions (yes, we can has coffee
vending machines!), and (hold your breath, my friends) WE CAN HAVE
EVENING ENTERTAINMENT! Which means after a gap of many years, the
much-loved end-of-day rock and other music shows, movies and other
entertainment will return to FOSS.IN! (If that doesn’t get Rasmus
Lerdorf back to Bangalore, nothing will! 🙂

The Event Format

Because of the huge amount of space and the facilities available to us,
we are able to flex our intellectual muscles more than ever, and are
able to expand on the concepts introduced last year.

This means that unlike last year, FOSS.IN Workouts will run for the
duration of the event, not just for a few hours. So projects can ask for
(and will be allotted) areas where teams can hunker down for upto 5
days, and work on their projects. We will provide network and
electricity and tables, you bring your notebooks, special equipment,
enthusiasm and talent. All we ask is that you work on FOSS projects, and
keep us informed about progress every evening.

The Talks

While there will still be talks, they will run parallely to the
WorkOuts. And talks will be only of exceptionally high quality, by
people who have contributed in a major way to projects. Since we are
starting very early this year (the CfP should go out in April itself),
we will ensure that the selected talks are talks that attendees will
remember for a long time for their quality, content and depth.

As usual, talks will be focused on FOSS projects and contribution to
them, but we won’t turn down te occasional high quality talk by an
exceptional presenter, even if it isn’t quite about FOSS or contribution
(but is at least related to it). For example, a talk about hacker spirit
and mentality, given by someone known for her knowledge of the subject
and ability to present, would certainly be accepted.

We will, however, draw a line at advocacy, political or
introductory/newbie talks. As usual, we do not want to compete with
other events that happen roound the year, that handle such subjects.

Other Features

This year, we have much more room for the sponsor expo and FOSS expo,
and FOSS projects will be able to exhibit their work to visitors and
interact with them. There will be lots of space for discussions,
socialising, project meetings, brainstorms and much more.

But most of all, we expect to see people building on the foundation
stones we laid last year, to make FOSS.IN the biggest and most
productive FOSS conference in the world. Our mottos (“Technology for a
Free World” and “Talk is Cheap, Show me the Code”) are very much the
core focus of the event – let’s show the world what India, and the FOSS
community, is capable of delivering.

Call for Participation

A detailed Call for Participation (and Call for Sponsorship and Call for
Volunteers) will go out soon, but in the meanwhile, pull out your
calendars, your PDAs, your markers and your tattoo machines, and carve
these dates on your wall:

December 1-5, 2009
NIMHANS Convention Centre
Bangalore, India

More information will appear soon on the FOSS.IN website
(, but for now, head to the FOSS.IN mailing list
( and discuss!

May the Source be with you, people – and get ready to rock! 🙂

We do FOSS Events like no one else can

Fostering the Spirit of FOSS

It all started one fine Monday morning in the student project lab,when Avinash approached me and articulated

Why don’t we conduct a FOSS conference here at Amrita” and I responded

Why not”.

Once the dates for the conference was fixed on March 28th and 29th there was no looking back. In spite of the initial lukewarm response from the students, the scepticism about our organization skills and all the roadblocks, we kept the spirit alive.In prolonged discussions with the heads of the college, we were able to convince the heads that we, the students of Amrita were ready to take up the baton in our hands. Ever since, inspiring talks from Vipin Sir and Biju ji kept the fire alive within us. The college provided us with utmost support in all aspects. Soon different committees were erected to take over the different aspects of organization involved like transport, accommodation, decoration etc. One thing to note here was that each committee was like a piece of a puzzle which clicked into place on the morning of the conference to produce the complete solution that was FOSSTER ’09.The unity that was displayed among all of us made this event a grand success fostering the very spirit of FOSS.

FOSS conference at Amrita [FOSSTER ’09]

Let me introduce you to FOSSTER ‘09, a FOSS (Free and open source software) workshop and conference on 28th and 29th March 2009 at our campus (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus).

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a contributor to the Open Source movement since 2003 and has developed AmritaVPN that is being used widely. Amrita was awarded the ‘Champion University’ status by Sun Microsystems for its contributions towards Open Source Software such as Open Solaris, Apache Derby and OpenPortal. The Open source momentum has caught up with Amrita and now we would like others also to jump into the open source bandwagon.

Amrita’s Contributions to FOSS:

1. Amrita has in 2003 contributed to the Amrita VPN ( which has been downloaded more than 7000 times from sourceforge site. (

2. Students of Amrita started contributing to opensource with the Code For Freedom 2007 contest organized by Sun Microsystems. Amrita was conferred the ‘Champion University’ status contributing to 108 bug fixes and enhancements to Opensolaris, Apache Derby and Open Portal. Ever since students have contributed to documentation projects enhancements and bug fixes ( )

3. Our students also won the IBM Great minds challenge using open source tools like eclipse and java
Here are some news of our student contributors

Contribution to Glassfish Documentation

First Non sun employee to contribute to Open HA Cluster

The movement spread to more students in Amrita and students felt empowered to belong to the opensource community. All the computers have ubuntu or fedora installed on it as one of the operating systems.

Now we would like to spread this awareness and make more students feel empowered and help them to contribute to FOSS.

The Tentative agenda is put up at

We request all of you to spread the word among your friends and encourage them to attend.