SecurIT : A grand conference on security at my alma mater

I was pleased to see that things in my alma mater, Amrita University(Amritapuri) are progressing so rapidly. The SecurIT conference is being conducted from August 17th – 19th. The conference is broadly based on the topic of “The internet of things”. Several eminent researchers will be making their presence there including Andrew S Tanenbaum  of MINIX / Computer Networking fame, Robert Kahn – co-inventor of TCP/IP , Marvin Minsky (AI) – Turing award winner and several other dignitaries. I wish I could be there for this event. If you’re in India, you would be missing something big if you did not make it to the event. This certainly marks a bright future for our university.

This conference has been designated by the European Economic Commission as one where you can apply directly to fully funded opportunities to study abroad in European Universities in France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

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