Building Amarok from scratch on Ubuntu 9.10

I was getting prepared for my GSoC project, and had to build Amarok from source. I had to refer a few tutorials(some outdated, some incomplete) and after some IRC discussions managed to build it successfully(Ubuntu 9.10).  I am enlisting the details below, more for the sake of memory.( I have short term memory loss 😛 ). Before starting off make sure the kde development packages(kde-devel) and compiler ( build-essentials) are installed.

Setting up the Environment

It is better to build it in the $HOME folder to prevent unnecessary overwriting of system files. By default, the build is system-wide and requires root privileges.

1.Create folder kde in $HOME
$ mkdir $HOME/kde
Make Seperate source and build folders
$ mkdir $HOME/kde/src
$ mkdir $HOME/kde/build/amarok

2.Append the following to $HOME/.bashrc:
export PATH=$HOME/kde/bin:$PATH

Reload your edited .bashrc:
source $HOME/.bashrc
NOTE: if you are not using the bash shell, edit your proper shell config file (~/.zshrc or ~/.tcshrc or whatever it may be)

3. Make KDE aware of Amarok’s plugin location:
$ echo ‘export KDEDIR=$HOME/kde’ >> $HOME/.kde/env/
$ echo ‘export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIR’ >> $HOME/.kde/env/

Getting the source

1. Go the the source folder
$ cd $HOME/src
2. Clone the git repository on gitorious
$ git clone git://
If your proxy does not support it,
$ git clone



Resolving Dependencies

$ sudo apt-get build-dep amarok
Install the OpenSSL and qtscript libraries and
$ sudo apt-get install libssl-dev qtscript-tools
Build Google Mock
$ ./configure && make && sudo make install


$ cd $HOME/kde/build/amarok
$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/kde  -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull -DKDE4_BUILD_TESTS=ON $HOME/kde/src/amarok && make && make install

Updating KDE Config

$ kbuildsycoca4 –noincremental

Run Amarok

$ amarok



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