So Near,yet so Far

Nowadays, in all universities the ever omnious CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average is a big factor in deciding the difference between two people in academics. This may be important in Universities abroad where the teaching is good, and the professors are well qualified. In the case of India, where there are a lack of “good” professors to teach us, the learning atmosphere is not very encouraging. One does not feel an inclination to learn a subject, rather learn a few lessons before the day of the exam and attend it. This can be shown by the fact the there are very few Ph.D holders in our college. Hence a low GPA is not a sign of bad academics, but lack of motivation to study the subject. To elucidate this let me provide an example : –

One day, after the Data Structures exam papers were out, i suddenly noticed that i had got zero for an entire algorithm(insertion/deletion in a linked list). So i rechecked that algo, and still found no mistake. When i approached the teacher enquiring my mistake, she blatantly pointed out the many words from the algorithm where different from the words printed in the textbook, so my answer was “incorrect”. In such a scenario, where there is no scope for innovation even in devising a different algorithm, one is contained in a shell. When one tries to break out of it, he is treat as a miscreant in the community. One is helpless in such situations of distress.

The main cause for this would be that Computer Scientists once gone to the industry never turn back their heads, and return to their country of origin even once thinking “I faced the same thing when i was studying, i should contribute back in any way i can”. If this were negated, India would be the place of craving for study, not US/EU etc.. 😦

2 comments on “So Near,yet so Far

  1. You might want to attach this to your college transcripts. Maybe even get it attested by Bala sir. (he has a PhD lol )
    Anyways I couldnt agree more with you on the GPA issue. Back in BSc I studied hard and knew all the tricks of the trade to get good grades. But by the time I started my MCA, I got so demoralized. It all seemed utterly pointless. In my final year now, I remember sleeping through my entire 3 yr MCA stint. Thankfully I see things slowly beginning to change around here. But we will be gone far away [too far I hope 😉 ] by the time the whole system is shaked up.

    • Yea, i wouldn’t mind. I could probably reference it in my SOP too. We may not be there when the college changes , but atleast we can say later that we studied in Amrita. I can just imagine myself 🙂 lolz

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