SUNWcsl .101 build version conflict

Recently, i went about the task of porting Audacity to OpenSolaris.When i build Audacity, one of the dependencies unsatisfied was libsndfile.When i went to the package manager, to my pleasure i found the package SUNWlibsndfile available.

The Problem lies wherein when i try to install SUNWlibsndfile it reports the following error:

pkg: the following package(s) violated constraints:
Package pkg:/SUNWcsl@0.5.11,5.11-0.111 conflicts with constraint in installed pkg:/entire:
Pkg SUNWcsl: Optional min_version: 0.5.11,5.11-0.101 max version: 0.5.11,5.11-0.101 defined by: pkg:/entire

The library is available only for build 111 and not for build 101 which OpenSolaris 2008.11. When i inquired about this at, they told me it was for standardization that this was done.Does this mean that packages cannot be built for Old versions of opensolaris? According to me this is plain nonsense.

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