Hack to share files in Vbox : OpenSolaris

Usually files can be easily shared between the host system and the guest system in VirtualBox by using the easy and simple to configure ” Guest Additions” feature. The problem lies wherein the “Guest Additions” feature is not compatible in Solaris making it a headache to share files.I currently host Ubuntu with OpenSolaris as the guest OS.

So a simple but roundabout hack is to

1. Create an iso image in the host OS with the files you want to share


2. Mount the iso image in VBOX through the Devices -> Mount CD/DVD ROM-> Stuff2Share.iso


3.  Run/Open the Guest OS [OpenSolaris] and go to Places -> Stuff2Share.iso {auto mounted }


4. Happy Sharing !!

2 comments on “Hack to share files in Vbox : OpenSolaris

  1. Tha’ts not a hack, that’s a workaround!
    And a better way would be to enable ssh on your host, and let the guest ssh to the host.

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