Respect Our Indian Flag!

In my advent on searching for an apt header for my blog, i came across very nice info on some protocols to be observed while handling the Indian Flag.Most of us today do not realize the significance of this, or less dont respect our flag.The rules are provided in the Indian law which is probably why we do not follow them. Here are some guideline : –

Official regulation states that the flag must never touch the ground or water, be used as a tablecloth or draped in front of a platform, cover a statue, plaque, cornerstone etc.The flag may not be intentionally placed upside down, dipped in anything, or hold any objects other than flower petals before unfurling. No sort of lettering may be inscribed on the flag

Handling the Flag

Indian flag orientations

Indian flag orientations

There are a number of traditional rules of respect that should be observed when handling or displaying the flag. When out in the open, the flag should always be hoisted at sunrise and lowered at sunset, irrespective of the weather conditions. The flag may be also flown on a public building at night under special circumstances.

The flag should never be depicted, displayed or flown upside down. Tradition also states that when draped vertically, the flag should not merely be rotated through 90 degrees, but also reversed

Wall display

150px-IndiaFlagTwoNationsThe rules regarding the correct methods to display the flag state that when two flags are fully spread out horizontally on a wall behind a podium, their hoists should be towards each other with the saffron stripes uppermost. If the flag is displayed on a short flagpole, this should be mounted at an angle to the wall with the flag draped tastefully from it. If two national flags are displayed on crossed staffs, the hoists must be towards each other and the flags must be fully spread out. The flag should never be used as a cloth to cover tables, lecterns, podiums or buildings, or be draped from railings

With non-national flags

When the flag is displayed with other flags that are not national flags, such as corporate flags and advertising banners, the rules state that if the flags are on separate staffs, the flag of India should be in the middle

Showing the flag indoors

Whenever the flag is displayed indoors in the halls at public meetings or gatherings of any kind, it should always be on the right (observers’ left), as this is the position of authority.

Parades and ceremonies

The flag, when carried in a procession or parade or with another flag or flags, should be on the marching right or alone in the centre at the front. As a mark of respect to the flag, it should never be dipped to a person or thing. Regimental colours, organisational or institutional flags may be dipped as a mark of honour.During the ceremony of hoisting or lowering the flag, or when the flag is passing in a parade or in a review, all persons present should face the flag and stand at attention. The flag salutation should be followed by the playing of the national anthem.


When the tiranga is in a damaged or soiled condition, it may not be cast aside or disrespectfully disposed of, but shall be destroyed as a whole in private, preferably by burning or by any other method consistent with the dignity of the flag. The other proper way to destroy the Tiranga could be immersion into the Ganga or buried with due respect.

I learnt something which i did not know of before, and I will do my best to uphold out traditions.


13 comments on “Respect Our Indian Flag!

    • Ill do that, but i want to clarify one thing first.What is digg and stumble all about? I mean whats different about them.I heard of them, but i have got so bugged of these new social networking sites coming up that i cant even store them in my memory lest my inbox.So i did not bother about them.

  1. “The rules are provided in the Indian law which is probably why we do not follow them.” LOL!

    Informative post. But dude, patriotism is such a load of bull-crap man. You have merely re-stated a lot of demographics w.r.t the flag, but haven’t probed deeper into the more important question of why? Tradition for tradition sake is empty and trivial.


    • Patriotism is not “bull crap” in my perspective, it is just a way showing respect to the country or if you would like it better put as “not showing disrespect” to the country.My mission is to disprove Indians who patronize western culture and give absolutely no regard for our country looking down upon it as “dirty”,”uncultured” etc. instead of looking at worse issues in foreign countries like high rate drug addictions, sex mania,improper family structure etc.I am not here to just boast about India, but defend it.
      “re-stated a lot of demographics”
      True, most of the given things are like facts, but it is similar to asking questions like “Why should i respect my parents”,”Why should i do the things they tell me to do”, its not a matter of emptiness its just a matter of belief and respect.

  2. Hey Varrun,
    No offense man, but you completely missed my point. I am against the very concept of patriotism, the very idea that one should be faithful and respectful or as you say, not disrespectful to one’s own country.
    Why do people identify themselves with their countries?It’s just psychological gratification through means of self-expansion. They make themselves out to be something more and bigger and better than what they really are by attaching themselves to identities like country,caste,religion,ideologies, etc.
    I would say the exact same thing to any patriotic fellow from any country in the world, not just India.
    Beliefs blind you from seeing things clearly. Once you have a belief, or as I like to say, a fixation, you cannot see anything after that point with a fresh mind.
    Respect is an over-rated concept.

    Got to run for a class, but shall definitely be back to post more on the same.


    • Well, the concept of patriotism that you perceive is that of a stringent belief in an idea that clouds ones judgment. To most of it,i would agree with you. There are people who accept an idea and jump into a bandwagon with loads of others fools without realizing it .But that does not mean there are people who dont understand its true meaning. My idea is a different one, not one of glorifying one’s personality by hiding in the shadow of something bigger but having enough knowledge of ones home country in order to defend it against any gibberish uttered by anyone without blurting out diabolical statements


  3. Well said Varunr…
    I think so as well..Patriotism is a feeling that binds us with our country..The country including its people and its very soil. I Understand Pavan’s philosophy stating that The country is just a name used for psychological gratification. But The country is made of the for the country is also love for the people of the country.
    Patriotism is what drives us in striving for the betterment of the country and its people. keep up the good work varun r

    • Thanks neo, patriotism does help us have unity among us.But the problem nowadays especially in a country like India, communal strife and politics is like a slow acting poison on the Indian society. I was watching a documentary title “Partition: The day India Burned”. Well, till we got independence from the British we were standing a united front, but the instant a person Mohammed Ali Jinnah brought about the notion of a divided India to split up the Majority Muslims into a new country,Pakistan there was chaos.Hindu’s and Muslims who had lived in peace till then, started suspecting each other in apparent fear.Sikhs in Punjab dreaded the loss of their homes.It was a state of Pandemonium!!The documentary describes the story of Sikhs who put their life at risk to save the Muslims of their village from other extremists.What happened to all that UNITY!! And in all this confusion, the British the root cause escaped unnoticed and unabashed. This continues to this date, eliminating the slightest probability of a united India.Even after the alarming Mumbai Terror attack, the country was united in changing the government etc.This lasted ONLY for a few weeks!! What happened to all that JOSH!! Why does not anyone remember what happened more than a few weeks? Is it Amnesia or ignorance of the truth? We will never know will we ………..

  4. What you said is true.
    The problem in hand is that we Indians, mostly the young generation,blindly imitate the Americans…We do not try to understand the demerits of the american society. I feel that the american society lacks structure. People keep to themselves and relations among people are weak and only formal. This imitation is degrading our society and making it hollow,structureless and weak. People care less about each other. When people do not care much about their neighbours or relatives, why would they care about some random person..just because he is the citizen of the same country. If a person does not care about any other person, why would he care about the country. we Indians , have forgotten the rich culture we have inherited from our forefathers.
    But lets be optimistic. Our Present now , has been influenced by both the modernness of the west and regulated by our traditions.. Atleast a wise chunk of the society, is rising up. WE WILL LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES….The common man has a limit of patience. The problems of the society is a necessary phase in the life of a country….When people cannot bear, adjust anymore , the will revolt and make a change.
    In the french revolution. the problems of the society and commen man, exeeded his limits and caused a blood shed….a blood shed that cleansed the land…..The Indian revolution WILL come and wipe the country with nonviolence and noncooperation,of its corrupt politicians and transform the country into a superpower..
    People will rise beyond religions, when they are fed up of the war between them……EVERY BODY WANT PEACE AND NOT WAR

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