Intel’s Threading Champion 2009


The top priority for most software developers today is to tap into the power of processor cores through parallelism. Until recently parallelism wasn’t essential for many applications. Performance improvements came mostly through increasing clock rates and power consumption. Today dual-core and quad-core processors are the norm from servers to desktops, making parallelism a necessity for all applications.

Take part in Intel’s Threading Championship for 2009, prove your Threading skills.

The competition consists of two rounds:

Round-1 checks your knowledge on Threading Concepts. The quiz has questions with varying levels of difficulty. The more difficult the question, the more points you earn. You may also earn yourself a chance to represent your institution at Round-2. The qualifiers for Round-2 will be decided by a panel of judges based on contestants’ score in Round-1.

Round-2 is a team event, open only to qualifiers of Round-1. The contestants will have to submit a research paper in teams, on any one of the research areas that will be published for Round-2. Each team can have 2-4 members from the same institution and will need to have a faculty mentor to support them on the Research Paper.


  • The Winning team gets a cash prize of Rs.50,000
  • Their institution gets a grant of Rs.2,50,000 to set up a Multi-core Lab
  • First Runner-up team gets a cash prize of Rs.25,000
  • Second Runner-up team gets a cash prize of Rs.15,000

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