Fostering the Spirit of FOSS

It all started one fine Monday morning in the student project lab,when Avinash approached me and articulated

Why don’t we conduct a FOSS conference here at Amrita” and I responded

Why not”.

Once the dates for the conference was fixed on March 28th and 29th there was no looking back. In spite of the initial lukewarm response from the students, the scepticism about our organization skills and all the roadblocks, we kept the spirit alive.In prolonged discussions with the heads of the college, we were able to convince the heads that we, the students of Amrita were ready to take up the baton in our hands. Ever since, inspiring talks from Vipin Sir and Biju ji kept the fire alive within us. The college provided us with utmost support in all aspects. Soon different committees were erected to take over the different aspects of organization involved like transport, accommodation, decoration etc. One thing to note here was that each committee was like a piece of a puzzle which clicked into place on the morning of the conference to produce the complete solution that was FOSSTER ’09.The unity that was displayed among all of us made this event a grand success fostering the very spirit of FOSS.

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